February 3rd is National Women Physicians Day!February 2, 2018

Happy National Women Physicians Day!

national women physicians day

If you’re unfamiliar, the day was founded to celebrate the growth of women in the profession since 1849? Why 1849? And why February 3rd? Well, that happens to be the year that Dr. Elizabeth Blackwell became the first woman to receive her medical degree in the United States. She was a pioneer in helping women enter and find equality in the medical field.

The day was founded in 2016 by Physicians Moms Group and Medelita with a goal of furthering the empowerment of female physicians. Though women have made huge strides since Dr. Blackwell’s heyday, as of today, only 35% of physicians are women and earn on average, 8% less than males. A third of women physicians report experiencing sexual harassment in the workplace. It goes without saying, there is still a lot of work to be done in supporting women in medical fields.

You can join On Call Medical Coats and the rest of the medical community in celebrating National Women Physicians Day by sharing with your social media followers and colleagues. Feel free to use the hashtags #IAMBLACKWELL, #WomensDocsInspirt, and #NWPD to help spread the word.

Are you planning to celebrate National Women Physicians Day? Let us know how you plan to raise the voice of Women Physicians!