Medical Student Gift GuideDecember 27, 2017

Medical students are hard-working, dedicated, and usually at least a bit tired. What do you get someone who is starting or working through medical school? Use our medical student gift guide to find the perfect gift for your medical student.

1. Stethoscope

Stethoscopes are an essential tool for future medical professionals, and every medical student would appreciate a quality one as a gift. Certain brands will also let you personalize them by engraving your student’s name onto it. Be sure to check on the school’s requirements, as certain schools or programs may want students to have certain kinds of stethoscopes.

2. Lab coat

Like a stethoscope, every medical student will need their own lab coat, they’ll probably wear it day in and day out. Lab coats come in a variety of fabrics, like cotton, polyester, a blend of the two, antimicrobial fabrics, or novelty fabrics. Like stethoscopes, they can also be personalized, to give your medical student that personal touch. Usually, lab coats can be embroidered with their name, a logo, and adjusted to have different pockets, buttons, and fits. Find out from friends or coworkers what they might like or what would work best for them.

3. New scrubs

While they might not be the most attractive clothing, all medical students and practitioners have to wear them, and students barely have time to go shopping for them. Scrubs come in many colors and designs, which allows you to find one that fits your student’s personality. Like lab coats, they can often also be customized to fit your student’s preferences.

4. Gift cards/vouchers to 24-hour eateries

One of the hallmarks of being a medical student, especially once you start your residency, is working odd hours. Whether they’re working or just studying, every medical student will eventually find themselves up late into the night and could use a good meal. Do some research on what chains or restaurants in their area are open late or 24 hours and get them a certificate to treat themselves during one of those long nights. If they don’t like going out, a gift card to grocery stores or delivery places can also be a nice gift.

5. Coffee machine

Staying up long hours also means that most medical students are in need of a cup of joe at least once per day. Having their own coffee or espresso machine means that they can make coffee as soon as they wake up, save a little money from not buying it at the coffee shop, and have whatever flavor of coffee whenever they need it. They might prefer a single-brew machine, which can make one cup of coffee instantly. Or, if they’re into espresso, a nice machine to brew their own.

6. Juicer

If they already have a coffee machine or aren’t a coffee person, your student might like to be able to make themselves juices to take every day, for a healthy energy boost. A nice juicer can turn almost anything into a great snack or lunch. Gift it with a few fruits, veggies, or juicer recipe book so they’ll be all ready to go once you give it to them.

7. A medical-related book or movie

Even though they spend all their time around medical practices, they must love it! A book, movie, or game about medicine (like Grey’s Anatomy and other doctor dramas, Contagion, Pandemic) can be a fun way for them to still be immersed in something they love, but without the work.

8. Medical bag

Medical students have a lot to bring back and forth every day, just like any student. A quality bag for all of their equipment is something they can use for years to come. A classic call bag usually has pockets and space for everything they need and can be easily carried without hurting their back. To make it personal, stock the bag with some essentials for them – snacks, personal care items or even a book they might like.

9. Pens

Doctors and medical students seem to always be running out of pens. Fun-shaped pens, like syringe pens, can be a cute way to equip them with something they’ll need. You could even get them a set of engraved pens, so they’ll have something of high quality that lasts a long time, and adds a personal touch.

10. Pathogen plushie

Pathogen plushies are stuffed toys shaped like different pathogens and microbes. They’re a fun, cute way of letting your medical student express their passion for biology.